Pest Control Sydney

If you are upset by the unexpected appearance of insects or rodents, the most logical thing is to call an expert in this field as soon as possible, as they will treat the problems caused to your family, pets, and the environment in the most professional way. When they carry out a detailed analysis on how to act in the situation, they will create a specific and personal pest control Sydney plan for your case; either from insects and/or rodents.

As a whole, all the measures taken are to put an end to the existence of pests or to exterminate them. In this way, hundreds of people with diseases caused by any animal considered dangerous, problems in the wooden structure of the houses and contagions to the food that we may have will be avoided.

Biological pest control Sydney

The biological control is the activity that manipulates and controls the natural enemies of pests that cause, with the sole mission of abating or even get the complete extermination of parasites that are affecting our homes, plantations, businesses, and homes.

They can be fought with other natural enemies, we think that the food chain exists, so that other insects that are enemies of the plague to be treated in question may be the solution to our problem. Biological control is highly effective as long as it is carried out by professionals, but several factors must be taken into account regarding its use:

  • Identify, without possible error, the pest that will be eliminated.
  • Know what the natural enemy of it should be.
  • Make an approximate calculation of the volume of the pest to be fumigated.
  • Know how much natural enemy is needed to carry out pest control without causing another.
  • Choose without errors the plague of natural enemies to be selected.
  • Total control and supervision of the duration of the elimination of the pest, so as not to cause another.

If you are willing to put an end to your problem and want help, ask for it, before the aggravations have catastrophic consequences for your environment. The pest control Sydney company that is requested must carry out a sampling of the species to be controlled to ensure that the species in question is correctly identified.

If the density of the parasite plague is high, the natural enemies will not act effectively and immediately, although they will act progressively over time, slowly but consistently. The greater the volume of insects and/or rodents, the greater the work required for their elimination; and at a lower volume, the work will go faster and will be efficient immediately.


Advantages of biological control.

  • As it is a controlled activity, using other insects against pests and no pesticides, it is not harmful to health since no toxic products are used. That is a very important plus point.
  • This method stops the possibility of spreading pests, thus avoiding damage to production and infrastructure.
  • It only attacks the pest that you want to eliminate without having side effects of any kind.

Disadvantages of biological control


  • If it is the chosen pest elimination method, the disadvantage is that it is not an immediate process as you have to analyze all possible factors to obtain satisfactory results.
  • Some natural enemies are very sensitive to pesticides that have already been used before, so greater care must be taken.


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